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Lasers & Equipments

The institute has services of all treatments, technologies and LASERs

Treatment for all skin diseases, hair and nail problems.

Advanced LASERS like fractional CO2 for acne ścars and all types of scar resurfacing, Scarlet, Microneedling Radiofrequency for scar revision, which is one of the best technologies is available.  Q: Switched Nd:YAG for all types of pigmentary disorders, DIODE laser for Unwanted hair reduction, U S FDA approved  intense pulse light system with multiple hand piece to treat excess hair, active acne, rejuvenation & aesthetic enhancement procedures. It is a specialized center for all Skin related surgeries nails surgeries, vitiligo surgery, scar surgery, keloid surgery, cryo surgery and advanced hair transplantation. In addition, it also has a complete equipment and technologies to treat vitiligo (leucoderma) & psoriasis like, targeted phototherapy, Excimer light and full body phototherapy unit. The center also caters to the needs of all anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures like Botulinum toxin injections, fillers, and all types of advanced chemical peels and wrinkle reduction treatments.



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